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10 Slot card holder                                                   

Rs340.00 Rs340.00 Ex Tax: Rs340.00

Leather Sheep Nappa.Colour: BlackSize:   4" x 3.5"(Folded)Inside: 10 card slots (5 on each side)Lining: Fabric


2 PC COMBO - W (port) + 2Rings K/H                     

Rs913.00 Rs913.00 Ex Tax: Rs913.00

Wallet: 2 currency sections. 4 card slots.1 coin pocket1 centre flap both side transperancy. Lining: In currency sec.centre part sambhar leather ther 2 velvet. KEY HOLDER:Inside: 1 zip pocket.2 Rings for Keys. Button Closure.


3 PC COMBO - H & H Combo (BROWN)                 

Rs1,533.00 Rs1,533.00 Ex Tax: Rs1,533.00

Two Fold Purse.One Side:   9 Card Slots.3 currency compartments 2 ID Display Windows Loopi Closure. Other Side: 1 Zip coin pocket.2 currency compartments. Magnetic Button Closure.Lining:        Fabric. M/W: Standard Basic Wallet   2 Currency Sections...


3 PC COMBO - Men's 3 PC Combo                               

Rs1,330.00 Rs1,330.00 Ex Tax: Rs1,330.00

Pocket Jotter:One side:  5 Card slots.2 Compartments.  1 Pen Holder with Ball pen.Other Side:  Diary slot with diary1 compartment.Loopi Closure.Wallet:2 Currancy sections.4 card slots1 coin pocket1 centre flap with both side transperancy. Lining: In...


Card Holder (BROWN)                                                   

Rs273.00 Rs273.00 Ex Tax: Rs273.00

Leather : printed dry mill Colour:  BrownSize:    3" x 4"Inside:  1 window display2 card slotsOuterside: 1 card slot.Lining:  Fabric


Card Holder (PDM BLACK)                                           

Rs271.00 Rs271.00 Ex Tax: Rs271.00

Colour:  Black.Size:    3" x 4" (Folded)Style:  Inside 1 window display 2 card slots  Outerside:1 Card slot.Lining: Fabric


Card Holder IOC                                                           

Rs286.00 Rs286.00 Ex Tax: Rs286.00

Leather : printed Dry mill (PDM)Colour:  Dark Brown.Size:    4" x 3" (Folded)One side: Visitind card pocketOther side:4 card slots.Lining:  Fabric.


Wallets -(IOC) PDM (Dark Brown)                           

Rs408.00 Rs408.00 Ex Tax: Rs408.00

Colour:  2tone Dark BrownSize:  Style:  2 Currency sections. 1 Coin Pocket 3 Card Slots. Lining: In currency section centre part sambhar leather other 2 velvet.

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